We did not receive our full order. I had people coming over for dinner and only received enough food for two.

When I called the driver back he said thats all they gave me, call the merchant. I called panda and they told me the driver did not take the second bag that was right next to the other one that he grabbed. I would expect this from a teenager or young adult but for a make in his fifties he should have looked at the receipt and could totally tell there was items missing(we are talking about three plates of food missing from Panda Express,When I called customer support the rep was rude and would not refund me my full amount, only for the amount not received, I explained to her I will now have to go somewhere local, since Panda is twenty minutes away, and order food for 7. Nope they will only refund the amount not received.

I asked to speak to a manager and she said no.

Hung up!!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!' Never will order from UBEREATS AGAIN!!!

User's recommendation: Stay clear of this service!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Panda Express Manager.

Ubereats Pros: 000, No help.

Ubereats Cons: 000, Overcharged me.

Location: Ashland City, Tennessee

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