I ordered a pizza on ubereats and the app just froze and then took me to the main menu again, I tried again and it did the same thing so I stopped I decided I should order a pizza in a restaurant from the complex I stay in. When I was on my way back I saw a motorbike and I stopped to see which room it was going to then the guy was going to my flat, I spoke to him explained to him what had happened and I showed him my phone there was nothing about any order being accepted or being delivered , he said he understood and that it was technical problems, I asked him what is he gonna do with the pizza and he said he'll take it back and honestly if I had the money I would have bought it but unfortunately I just used it...I never checked my app again till today when I was requesting then I saw that I owe R120 something...at first I was lost then I figured maybe the delivery guy took the pizza or something

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape

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