I couldn't reach anyone on the phone to help me, the recording said to use the help section in the app. which is of no help!!!

It was my first time using Ubereats. I used the $25 promo for being a new customer ordering from King Street Grille on my home computer. The app asked for my location and I allowed it. I noticed an address of 472 Wallingford in the app but assumed it was the address of the restaurant.

The app is not very self explanatory. I watched the app the who time noticing the driver Walid picking up my order and then was going the wrong direction but thought maybe he had another delivery first. Upon his arrival at 472 Wallingford I then realized that was not the address of King Street Grille and someone elses address. I then found were I could call the driver in the app just as he marked it delivered and closed it out!

I am very aggrivated that I couldn't speak to a customer service agent to correct all these problems and someone make it right. Now I have lost the promo and had a terrible first experience and have no desire to use the app again as a consumer. I also don't feel the app is very safe as it had me change my password which also changed the password in my Driver App for work.

These 2 apps should not be linked together and should have completely different passwords as they are 2 different apps. So feeling very aggravated and now very unsafe with the driver app.

User's recommendation: Don't allow the app to pin point your address, enter it in yourself.

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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