I ordered from UberEATS for the first time last night

I ordered from Bacio pizza Italian grill Dec 12th at 6pm, delivery 7.10.

My total bill was $28.59 paid by paypal

After I got my food I was then charged $31.91 and later $4.98. So in total I paid $64.78.

I was meant to pay $28.59 total.

I am so annoyed as I am price sensitive and spent ages finding a good deal. Then I was meant t relax and have pizza with my family instead I spent the night messaging you and got no response. Now today I am doing the same thing!!!!

I would like a full refund as soon as possible. It really was a disappointment for ordering my first time.

I would be willing to try you again if this issue was resolved.

Please call me on 223280****.

The address is 181 North Charlotte St, Manheim, 17545. You have all the information I can provide.

Please see attached the original and what I thought would be the final bill (screenshot)

Kind regards Olivia McCarthy

Ps I would like a response today

Location: Douglassville, Pennsylvania

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