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I had a delivery from Boston market, I got it however I have no utensils to eat it with. I'm a disabled veteran and the AZ DISABLED VETERANS FOUNDATION BOUGHT ME THIS MEAL.

Every meal that is being delivered should have at least one for one knife and one spoon and if you got a delivery of chicken it would be nice to have something to clean your hands up with this is unacceptable and because I did not order this food I could not have told you that I needed utensils something needs to change to make your company better and this would be a thing well done. If there are any questions I will be glad to let you know just give me a call my number is 480-395-**** and again my name is Dale Hunt a married D order this for me from Arizona disabled veterans Foundation I don't think it's possible to refund but she should get one because I had to throw out half my meal because I had no you wait to eat it it's too thick to pour in my mouth and too thick to eat with my fingers ridiculous I'm appalled.

User's recommendation: No I wouldn't because you're not conscientious to understand that people don't know people use fingers to eat you must include utensils on every outgoing meal unless they consume it in the restaurant. Should be a guideline.

Monetary Loss: $46.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Ubereats Pros: Food usually comes in wonderful time and is still warm, Its delivered to you.

Ubereats Cons: You never get exactly what you want like utensils, Issue never resolved, Expensive.

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