I thought I'd check out what Uber Eats is all about because I get a good bit of Uber Eats via email. I opened one, checked to see if it was actually encrypted SLS to Uber Eats and it was so I browsed around to see what choices I had.

I chose O'Charelys. I ordered a chicken/steak dinner with 2 sides. Price was $27.** and when I went to pay it was OVER $37.**. No sooner than I accidentally hit pay while reaching to click on back (to get out of that page) it was applied to my debit card.

I finally reached an "Uber Eats live chat" and I explained what happened and he said he had refunded my card.

Yesterday, meaning, from 9pm ET through 0430 the charge was on my checking account. But when I went back to my checking account around 4:30pm ET it was no longer showing in my checking account.

It was a nightmare and I'll never try Uber Eats again.

User's recommendation: Don't use Uber Eats.

Location: Kingsport, Tennessee

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