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I have placed an order at 7:20 on 1015 and come 9 oclock I was wondering where my order was called Uber number that was directed to my driver and he had done dropped it off to a woman who claimed that she was Diana. By this time it was after 9 oclock when the delivery had taken place at 8:40 somewhat about that time.The Uber drivers number was 415417****.

As Im speaking to the Uber driver he tells me he drops it off to a woman named Diana asking what address he cannot verify it and says that he done cleared his screen that he can tell me. I asked him what street he dropped it off on again he could not tell me. At this point I realize my credit cards are under that app! Anyway so that was my official first order and it never went through on my end and my food was delivered somewhere else I was a little skeptical because the young man couldnt even tell me what street he had delivered it on and was kind of giggling in the background as if he had taken off with it.

I attempted to go through my profile and it had me locked out to where I couldnt access the app at all. I tried to access my app on multiple occasions to see what the address was that was in there and I couldnt get through at all and I still cant get through. Anyhow I ended up going back to outback and ordering the food on my own and picking it up because I was completely starved and Im going through some major life events. Moving forward Im hoping that I will be refunded/reimbursed for all the money that consisted of my outback order.

You can give me a call so we can resolve this and hopefully move forward and do more business together. My name is Dianna Uhl (513293****).

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ubereats Pros: Conscience, Con, When they actually deliver the food you paid for, When they deliver what i paid for.

Ubereats Cons: No contact number, Fraudulent charge with no refund.

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