Okay so I purchased

1Deluxe double quarter Pounder

No silver onions 2 Big Mac meals

1 sprite

2 large caramel frappe 1 medium sprite

2 mcChickens

1large strawberry smoothie

1 large French fries

Okay so the man dropped off the order and the order didnt have are right drinks . So I went back to my recent orders and the order wasnt their .

Like as if I never ordered it, I took screenshots and everything. I went to the McDonalds I ordered it from and they said I had to contact you. In total i paid $57.57 and I didnt get my moneys worth. Which has nothing to do with you about the food.

But when I went to call customer service it said you guys are not taking calls right now and it said go to help on the UberEats app.

But like I said it the order wasnt their as if I never ordered it. I just want my refund.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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