On 10/6/2021 evening I ordered some boneless hotwings from Wingstop. I used the promotion $20 off from uber eats &;;;;; placed my order.

Once my order was confirmed I checked my receipt and noticed that my total was $41 and no $20 discount. Immediately I tried to cancel my food order. But, as I was about to. Uber eats informed me that I was still going to be charged $28 even if I canceled it.

So, I tried customer service & received a answer machine stating that they didn't have no one to take my call. Furthermore, I was recommended to try uber help. Which only has certain common questions answered. Which didn't help me much.

I'm very disappointed in this transaction. Uber driver has customer service. But, not uber eats?

WOW! That's not fair & got me thinking of using other food delivery services.

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Location: Chicago, Illinois

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