I've worked with Uber eats almost 2 months. My customer satisfaction rating is 98%.

I've worked with bitesquad, (Sept.2018-Dec.2020) and added postmates, to increase my income, (Sept. 2020 until uber eats took over,) so I've been doing delivery driving for over 2 years. No problems. Currently I'm living with and helping a friend who has had 2 bouts with Cancer and is now dealing with another medical issue making him unable to work.

He has filed for disability and currently has NO INCOME whatsoever. We depend solely on my income alone and a small social security check. We also have a dog that has to eat. Sunday May 27th while waiting on another order, I was knocked off line.

I tried to get back on line but it was to no avail. I called on Monday to find out what happened. First I was told that someone thought I put in to be be an uber driver. I said no.

Just ubereats. This is my main income. I have bills to pay. Our utilities and insurance are due.

One of them just got cut off. It cost a lot to get it back on. This also buys our meals. My account is now nearly empty.

What's left is for another upcoming bill that can't be ignored. I had to quit bitesquad because my phone wouldn't accept their new app. It's been a week now with no word, no income. I just get told to be patient and wait.

Utility and insurance bills don't wait. I used to love this job. This is beyond discouraging.

I may have to seek other employment. This is poor service.

User's recommendation: I don't know. Just make sure you have back up.

Location: Lawton, Oklahoma

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