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Its still a mystery as to whom accessed my bank account in California while I was in Az,I immediately tried to call Ubereats but they kept asking me to enter my Ubereats account number and i HAVE NVER HAD AN UBEREATS account. As a matter of fact Ive never used Uber at all.

After a couple of frustrating hours I had to call my credit union and they quickly reversed the charge, however I had to cancel my debit card and get a new one which is a pain in the butt and I was left without money for several days.

Life is too short for BS like this.

I guess when you are a hugely profitable organization like you are, you dont want to talk to the very people that keep you succesful. Congratulations on being the epitome of the greedy, paranoid, feral like American Company.that the world despised.



Location: Coolidge, Arizona

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What were you looking for the company to do? You were a person on the other end of a phone call. You did the correct thing and contacted your bank.

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