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Update by user Dec 10, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. I wanted full refunded if u wanted me buy from Ubereats discount on food in future I wanted my money.

Original review posted by user Dec 10, 2021

I paid for my food Tues and today is Friday i did not get my food or refunded I been calling and text since Tuesday and to Friday I been text and send no answer I am going to take legal action for my money this is shame I got go through this after I pay for my food and never got it while I got to keep emailing I've all day email messages and I'm tired of texting and sending emails and not getting a reply it was Tuesday when y'all took my money why I got to keep sending emails all over the place to get my money back so I'm going to take a legal action in the morning to sue y'all because I should have to go through this over in a little couple of dollars I bet Texas is Tuesday today is Friday Hello Kitty Gangnam Style Hanser's can I get talk to someone in customer service or I'ma Do a legal action if I think I need to keep going through this I'm going to take a legal action because I've been going through this for three days trying to get my food or my money I only want my food cuz I know it's going to be called when I get in the past 3 days today is Friday I order my food Tuesday and I've been calling you or texting you all so I am going to take a legal action this is the last match the last text the last email I'm not texting nothing else but I got to keep texting me all the same stuff over and over for 3 Days legal action that is what about to happen by call Tom like a customer service

Monetary Loss: $17.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ubereats Pros: Take my money, Food always late and xold.

Ubereats Cons: No real person to talk to.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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Good thing the followed their own rules and issues your refund ; you would have gotten nowhere in the 'legal system' and ultimately paid far more in fees and lost time than the small amount of damage restitution you would have requested. Guess you've never sued anyone.

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