I placed an order but no one picked up order so it wasnt made after 30 plus mins i cancelled you gave me a $10 off coupon for my troubles if i spent $30 or more so i tried to order from mcdonalds this time order came out to $31 and change well after 15 mins i looked to see progress of order and it was the same thing only this time i called the restaurant to see what was going on and they had no such order that went to them but i was charged for this meal (in total even though it says the $10 off was applied but I was charged the full amount).

So now I am -$31.73, will not be eating dinner, and am beyond frustrated.....I have screen shots of the app saying the order was placed, the inability to cancel it, my bank account saying I was charged and the fact tht it says the $10 SHOULD be taken off but that it wasn't. I would really appreciate this issue being resolved.

I have no hope in eating dinner tonight and I would like all my money back. I'm mostly disappointed because we've always had good experience through this company but after this I don't know that we will continue to use these services.

-Annamarie Reyes DeLuna

Location: Seattle, Washington

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