When I ordered from Burger Culture the driver said that it will be an extra 30 minutes for my order to be completed. I said I was fine with that.

Then he calls me after I was notified that my order was on its way to my house. The driver calls me and says that he left the food establishment to drop of another order across the street while waiting for my order to be completed and when he came back to the restaurant he was told by the restaurant that another person had picked up my order. He was driving around not knowing what to do. I asked him to go back to the restaurant and ask who picked up my order and if I can still get my food that I have been now waiting 2 hours for.

He put me on speaker phone with the restaurant and they told me another man had picked it up and the restaurant was now closed. The next day the restaurant contacted me and told me that the driver actually picked up my order and lied about it.

User's recommendation: I also work in customer service. The drivers actions were so absurd that I would fire him.

Location: Wesley Chapel, Florida

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