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I received your letter questioning my refund request and apparently my honesty. I'm offended and angry that my character is being questioned when your own customer service wasn't even available to offer assistance immediately after the incident so there's been no follow-up with the driver or myself before sending such an accusations to me?

Very poor customer service in my opinion.

And I wish I had received my order or any previous orders just once without problems so I didn't have to bother neighbors asking if it's been delivered incorrectly to their home AGAIN because I have not once gotten an order on the first trip from your delivery service! I've had only one positive reaction when I was able to get through to the drive to enquire about the missing food and even then it took extra effort to have him return to pick it up from the incorrect location while I directed him to return to my address.

I know immediately when orders are or aren't delivered because I have a ring doorbell and reach out immediately to try and get help from the driver. But because I'm disabled it's difficult for me to go in search of the missing delivery myself very far and most often I've been unable to get in touch with the driver or anyone on the help line to connect me with the driver to get a solution on the missing delivery so I wouldn't need to ask for a refund to begin with. The last time two occasions I have ordered this happened and I have driven around in my pajamas searching in the snow and never did find my order.

My last order however was located by a sweet widow 3 blocks away who found it on her front porch the next morning and brought it to me thinking that perhaps I could still eat it since it had been out in the cold all night. (Our address numbers had been transposed) but the ridiculous thing is I had sent a picture of my porch to that delivery driver while en route to give him a better idea of how my home and porch look so there was really no excuse for it to be so far off especially when everyone has GPS on their phones these days.

So be certain I do not waste time ordering food and waiting around for it just so I can look for reasons to get a refund!

I'm more than happy to pay for my order and tip well for a job well done. However when it's not done at all after I have paid I should be held not responsible for people not paying attention which certainly happens most often when I've ordered through your delivery service sadly.

I feel badly for Dennys who is not being paid properly for the service given me because of this issue and I'm going to be faulted by them for this I'm certain because they believe I'm stealing food from their establishment which has never been the fact. I enjoy their food when I can get it delivered that is.

I hope you'll extend my apologies to them and make this situation right by explaining the truth of the matter to all parties involved.

And finally I most likely won't be sticking with your company since it seems pointless to do so when all I've successfully gotten at this point is a letter of insult. Sincerely and still hungry,

User's recommendation: Use DoorDash!

Preferred solution: Apology.

Ubereats Pros: Quick refund policy.

Ubereats Cons: Food delivered to wrong address, Poor customer support.

Location: 257 East 2280 North, Logan, UT 84341

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