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I ordered a 20 piece from Lees recipe. I received a 5 piece I paid $25 for a 5 piece . I didnt have the money to get robbed by your driver or because the company has bad service

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 1415 Troy Street, Dayton, OH 45404

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I think it is you who is doing the robbing. You want a full refund.

You should at least have to pay for the food that you got. The fact that you are trying to get a full refund rather than pay for what you actually got makes me wonder if you are lying and got the 20 piece meal.

You should not have to pay $25 for a five piece meal, but you should have to pay for what the five piece meal costs. The only way you can get a full refund is if you return the five piece meal.


So what you're saying is... You shouldn't have been lazy and pick the order up yourself? I agree..

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