I did not do anything wrong I delivered all my order .most of my orders left them at the door the few customers picked up the order from me. I was working and Suddenly my app stop working I called support, he told me your rate is low, but he could don't do anything for me just I told him I delivered every single order he said good, but you have to contact any assistant and since then I tried to reach anyone to know what going on but nothing I received it was clear or explain what going on.

I tried to remember if I did something wrong with the customer but now the only customer I could not find her address because the navigation gives me address different from her location and also I think she changed in last Moment when I ask her did you change your address she did not answer she said listen to me to tell you where I am its business address, and I was with her in the phone to get her, So this it wasn't my fault. But the rest of the orders was delivered.

And also I need a chance to back to work because there are a lot of people they don't give good Rate, although we delivered them orders. Thank you

User's recommendation: To be more kind with Driver.

Location: El Cajon, California

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