I'm on disability my money is very limited I wanted to treat myself today because it's the first and get a burger believe me that's a big thing for me..

Next the driver was late and if the last couple of minutes I was told the order was canceled and I wouldn't be charged but I would get a 30% discount the next time I ordered for $15 or more so I thought okay I'll give them another try.

Bad choice never again will you get a dime of my money and you really are refund what I you got the driver did her part I will give that to you but your app didn't go through right because the order was totally wrong I got something that I couldn't stand and I ended up feeding it to my dog and I'm not joking about that.

I got this app and used it instead of doordash this time because Uber has always been a good company as far as rides but never again never again will you get a penny of my money and I truly believe that I should be refunded I doubt you'll do it but I should be it would only be fair.

Also I wanted to talk to a human being well that doesn't happen with UberEATS I found out.

Maybe you should do yourself a favor and stick to taking people places and leave the food business because either your apps not working or the restaurant was horrible it could have been either I'll be there but after having to wait an extra hour and a half because of the lateness and then I had to wait to order a yet again and wait for somewhere else and then the 30% off didn't happen I am just really disgusted and I felt like you needed to know. I have left a writing on pissed off consumer, I have also left one on the app at Google Play. I just don't want anybody else to get robbed there went my chance for a treat this month thanks to you people and you should be ashamed.

Location: Poteau, Oklahoma

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