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Missing sauces which makes the food incomplete and difficult to eat.

Spending so much and not enjoy unacceptable

User's recommendation: Order elsewhere always missing items.

Monetary Loss: $21.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Miami, Florida

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PissedConsumer213**** I cannot quote you directly, but it is funny when someone posts on a public forum, website, and tells you to mind your own business. They should put their review as private in this case.


You are really something. You want a full refund because you did not get sauce.

I am sure you had no issue eating the food. If this is the case you should not have an issue paying for the food.

If you really could not eat the food, just return it. You should not get a refund unless you return the food.

@Sutter Sfk

Fried yucca are dry and inedible without sauce. My chop I like with sauce.

I should get what I wanted and ordered.

I made a note to not forget sauce. Why don't you mind your business

@Ely A

Little child, this is a public forum. If you are going to post on a public form you are going to get replies and cannot tell people to mind their own business. The whole point is you cannot get a full refund unless you return the food.

@Sutter Sfk

IT makes me laugh when someone posts on a PUBLIC FORUM, and then when you say something they do not like, they tell you to mind your own business. I think they do not know the definition of PUBLIC FORUM. They obviously do not like your opinion.

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