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We ordered tacobell while on vacation in Florida. The food was bad everyone got the runs the 2nd day there.

We planned 2 days later to go to seaworld with pre-purchase tickets I had bought. We walked 100fr to front desk to talk with a CSR about a class while there my daughter knows over the covid plexiglass I look over she fell into it and she is pale white and her eyes are all over the place, as soon as I ask are you ok, she collapsed into my arms and passed out. She was having a hard time coming to. The ambulance came and all she was dehydrated from getting sick due to bad food.

We eventually got her up and moving and went straight back to the condo. I knew she had to eat so we ordered via ubereats subway. The food comes messed up my son refuses to eat it because it wasn't on white bread as we asked, my daughter says she will switch bread with him, so I make half the sandwich run it over to her while I go back and make the rest of food edible for my son. While making the sandwich I end up finding blue hairy MOLD all over the turkey!

I run inside and yell to my daughter DO NOT EAT THE FOOD! this child already sick on vacation for her 13th birthday now ate bad food yet again! I called uber to complain and they don't seem all that worried at all. This ruined the rest of the vacation as we couldn't go any where because we feared she would pass out maybe on a water ride or at seaworld so we were stuck at the condo until we went back home!

I was unable to get refunds for the tickets and the food packages ordered at seaworld and Aquatica! What are the chances that both places we ordered had bad food? I guess this is a common event over there. Uber should have stepped up and done right us after costing me thousands of dollars.

But instead they only credited me a portion of only the subway order! Worst customer service ever, not even trying to keep a very good customer mildly satisfied. I legit could not believe how little they cared! I'm sure if it was their child who was sick and unresponsive on vacation non the less due to negligence they would most likely take it more serious, or even if they lost a couple thousand like I did after wasting away all those tickets and food packages, maybe that would make them care.

I also know they didn't make the food but thats who I pay to make sure I have what I ordered and I should never have to worry about getting bad food! They need to hold these restaurants and fast food places accountable!

Sorry for the rant but the story needed to be told. food food.

User's recommendation: Be very careful do not order while on vacation. They don't take responsibility for their actions no matter what happens.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ubereats Pros: You dont have to drive any where, There is a large selection of foods, Some drivers really do care about your food, But many dont.

Ubereats Cons: No one to contact if there is a problem, Order is wrong a lot, No one takes responsibility when things go wrong, Act like you make stuff up when food comes wrong or cold.

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