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I live 3 miles from the China village restaurant in Bradenton . I was suppose to receive my order at approx 6 pm- I was tracking the driver- he was driving in the opposite direction, obviously further away- I texted him and then called him telling him he was going in the opposite direction and getting further away- he said he had car trouble and I was not going to get my order - yet I was still tracking and obviously he lied to me because he was driving into Sarasota - an hour has now gone by- yet it still said my order was on the way- I texted the Uber eats company- the text said my order would be arriving soon - I explained what happened when I called the driver - your company said they were looking into it - yea yea yea- finally my order was cancelled - never again- Door dash is more reliable

User's recommendation: Never use Uber eats!

Location: Bradenton, Florida

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You probably need to tip better.

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