I was waiting for my order since 10:37 (the time when I ordered it); and an hour after that, feeling a bit frustrated and hungry I had to call the restaurant and the told me that the didnt know what was going on and they referred me to Uber. I called Uber and they told me that they didnt know what happened to the driver (?!), they specified that they were going to give a refund (what a relief since I was waiting for them an hour and a half ago) but never told what happened to the driver and my order.

Im ok with the refund (as one would expect it to be) but I have no idea whatever happened to my food, neither I am certain if I am going to order ever again with Uber Eats.

To be clear one would get the idea of GETTING MORE THAN JUST A REFUND AFTER GOING THROUGH THIS SITUATION WITHOUT ANY NOTICE (NOBODY NOTIFIED ANYTHING, THE RESTAURANT SAID THEY DELIVERED IT SUCCESSFULLY WHEN I CALLED THEM) so I would love this to serve more than just mere feedback of such an annoying situation. Thank you.

User's recommendation: To call the restaurant directly instead of Uber, I guess (?).

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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