I refuse to pay a tip on an Order that was Never Delivered to ME! I Recieved No Text, showing Picture of Order Delivery.

I went thru Uber to Contact rhe Driver Immediaty. He Promised he'd Find My Order &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; get it to me! I went outside to watch for him. NO Cars showed up on My Street!

Roughly 30 minutes later, when food was cold, and Milkshake was melted, my Neighbor, several houses away, brought my Order to me!

I tried for over an bour to report this via the Uber Eats App. How do you "photograph" cold food, or a melted milkshake?

I Will Not pay this Driver's Tip!!! He made absolutely NO Attempt to rectify his Delivery error. My cell phone is On My Account, but I recieved NO Text w/ a Delivery photo!

He delivered it to a neighbor's house, several houses away She found it, & brought it to me, almost 30 minutes later, Cold Food, and a Melted Milkshake!

A Wasted amount of money for the food! And, that Delivery Driver does not deserve any Tip for my order!

I've deleted the Uber Eats App permanently!

And, I called the Five Guys Manager last night to explain Why I rated their food so badly!

As far as I'm concerned, Uber Eats Owes ME for this Highly Misleading "Promo"!

I've tried Chat 5 times this morning, only to be redirected to what was Obviously an applicafion for a 30 Day Trial for a Pass! I've permanently deleted the Uber Eats App from my Cell!

Location: Plano, Texas

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