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I ordered food, after not being able to eat for 23 hours due to a surgery I had this day. I was incredibly excited to say the least, however before we even received any phone calls asking for direction specifications or any effort to find us- regardless every other time I have been easily accessed, my driver who was actually riding a bike, cancelled my order.

I found this strange because I directly reached out to the restraint and verified my order was picked up at approximately 8:55. I was charged, and according to your terms and conditions should only have been charged if we were absent from efforts of contact. However we didnt receive one message, nor did we receive a phone call. This is incredibly frustrating since I will now need to order again, pay again, and will have been able to enjoy a meal I was looking forward too for 24 hours minimum now.

I will be using doordash from now on regardless of the higher delivery and tax fees, I hope to be able to talk on the phone with someone as I was unable to get through customer service as well. To say I am disappointed and frustrated is an extreme understatement.

User's recommendation: Use doordash.

Monetary Loss: $63.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I've never been "incredibly excited" to eat. How does that work, just exactly?

Usually the longer I go, the less I care. Of course, I've never starved but one day for a procedure doesn't count.

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