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We had ordered food from wild wings . This was our second time ordering from UberEATS and I want to let it be known that this in no way was UberEATS fault.

we contacted wild wings and they denied any wrong doing when I told them our order was horrible in many ways. Too start we were less then a 4 miles the establishment. We order 3 meals with fries. We received fries that looking at them were from the batch that was fried first thing that morning and was cold and hard and tastes like they was dug out of the garbage.

Then our burgers were not even warm and the buns were greasy and looked like they was used to clean the counter tops. One of the buns was so wet that only the meat could be eaten and the lettuce onion and tomatoes were mushy like they were rotten on all of the burgers . We ordered no ice in our drink and it was like someone poured water in the sodas and it was awful how the manager spoke to me when I contacted her. She stated that the order had nothing to do with Hardee's and that if I want a refund I would have to contact Ubereats.

I asked why would UberEATS have to be contacted and said that we was still hungry and that UberEATS did not make our food. Please know that I have worked in the fast food and fine dining and I understand that restaurant employees want to go home when the nite is over. I have never felt so unappreciated as a customer in my 53 yrs of living. The way this manager spoke to us about our food and their service not being at fault for the quality of their food and when the UberEATS driver arrived to pick our food up it was not ready and she even had to get us a soda from the store before getting to us.

She phoned me and said that out order was not going to be made because they did not receive it. But they hadn't received it and did not look at the computer because they were trying to get out of there and go home that night. Well they did make the food but I do not believe it was made fresh gross to have been made when we spoke to the manager on the phone. The Uber eats driver had to give him her phone so that he could speak to us and he was not going to make it if I had not paid Uber yet but I appreciate your attention to this matter and I appreciate that our money was giving back to us even though we did not receive all our funds back.

We receive over half of it in Uber eats money. I'm not sure how this should have been handled but I am satisfied with ubereats ability to handle the situation even though it is handled in a very robotic order. And the gentleman that took our order of complaints was very robotic by like not having compassion for what we went through but he did handle the matter in a very orderly fashion. We do thank you thank you for taking the time to read all that I have written.

I have been receiving cancer treatments and this is my second bout of breast cancer and my first pelvic cancer and we just lost our home to fire and have been hotel living and I am unable to work at this time. My husband is my sole provider and it's a way of living we are not used to we have gotten as much help as we can from red cross and we have really suffered a lot since the fire. I also hav contracted covid virus twice and I have lost a lot of weight and it's hard to gain any weight when I don't like to eat a lot of times. So this food order I was really amped about cause I wanted to eat this food so badly.

Instead that nite I just went to bed hangry.

That's hungry and angry but not because of UberEATS it was the restaurant that disappointed us. Oh and they made me take pics of the food also and I really felt that UberEATS is a wonderful business and should have been a business for years and years before it has been.

User's recommendation: I recommend Uber eats to everyone and I have referred you many many places many times.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ubereats Same Day Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ubereats Pros: People who are unable to drive you to health conditions.

Ubereats Cons: I have nothing to say.

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I think I've done enough I pay for the food they delivered the food it wasn't the way the food should have came and it looked like they dug it out of the garbage. And I believe that they should have remade our food came and pick this *** food up.

I mean it's clearly you've got things a little confused when you pay for a service and service should be what you pay for it. Whether it be food clothes or anything you pay for it. They advertised it I bought it their advertisement was lost because it was supposed to be fresh food. If you believe that I should have done more footwork than what I've already done then you need to reevaluate where you live your life because a lot of picky person I've worked in the food industry pretty much all my life but I believe that if something is advertised a certain way that it should be given that way.

The food was inedible I mean the buns look like someone had wiped out a sink with them they were that wet when we pick them up they just fell apart. We sent pictures to both parties that's Uber eats and to the restaurant because that's what they wanted but wild wings never offered to prepare our food a second time they said that it was clearly Uber eats fault that the food was not cooked correctly and that the food was old..

and we sent pictures to both of them ubereats and wild wings. And management would not remake our food we kept the old food soo they could pick it up.


You have to return the food first, to get a refund.

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