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My girlfriend and I order from the Uber eats app. When our food arrives it was horrible.

The food from wild wings was cold and old and we were not happy with our purchase at all. My food was nasty and the bun was water logged. My fries looked like they came from the bottom of a fryer that contained old grease. My drink was watery.

My girlfriends food was made the same. We order a third meal and it wD also the same. Please know we called management and they said it was not their responsibility to replace the food that we needed to contact Uber. My girlfriend cried she could have been offered new food.

This manager is consistent with the fact that he stated you had to contact Uber. The Uber driver went above and beyond her duty as a delivery person. She even went to a store to purchase something to drink because the restaurant didn't even have us a drink.

The management said they would not replace our food and that he hadn't even received the order when the Uber driver but he had not looked on the computer. Then he said if you have not paid for this I'm not making it I've already paid.

User's recommendation: Always allow management know how your food is.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

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