I order the food from Gordons tacos my Ubers name was Joshua he did not deliver my food to my house he sent me a message and said he left my food on my bench outside I dont have a bench I tried to call and let them know that but I couldnt get a hold of him so I had to go back and call customer service and re-order everything this time Yolanda brought my order she got sent to the wrong address apparently Uber eats has a problem with its maps But this time I was able to get a hold yolanda she actually answered the phone And was very nice She was able to follow my directions to my house I was a little upset and hungry about the whole situation but now I know it wasnt the drivers fault it was Uber eats for

User's recommendation: Even if your address looks correct make sure you put specific and are able to get a hold of your Uber driver otherwise you’re going to be in a big mess and have to go through a lot of crap just to get either a refund or more food ordered.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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