This is so unprofessional how no one will return or respond to my many inquires. I need someone to reply back to me ASAP for a refund as I was charged twice from Toronto ON

4 different requests have been sent


Uber Cash FAQ


We understand that it can be stressful to experience difficulty with your account, Samantha.

This is Jay, from the Priority Support Team and I've taken the time to carefully check this for you.

Were sorry for the confusion.

I had another look at your transactions and can confirm the $79.73 & $71.43 charge youre seeing is an authorization hold that we already voided.

Once we void a hold, your bank is expected to release the money, which means the charge will disappear from your bank statement.

Banks have their own timelines for releasing money, so youll want to contact your bank to ask how they handle authorization holds.

If you still have questions after you talk with your bank, Uber can investigate these types of charges 10 days after theyve taken place. Just let us know, and well start looking into it.

Sent by Jay on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 3:33:54 PM

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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