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I just had one of the Uber drivers come in here and pick up an order she wanted to separate the items I gave her a second bag she threw it back and said she wanted to because it was wet and I told her no she could use it we didnt have many bags to be giving out she didnt begin to yell at me I have a customer that is a witness who is Witness to the incident and is willing to write a statement she trying to get me fired as well as leaving and walking back and continuing to yell through the door that she had several degrees under her belt. Saying she was much more educated then a store clerk I then respond to her thats why Your Drive for Uber.

That clearly Upset her even more at this point the customer and I were just staring at her she didnt wanna go somewhere to turn around and left .

It would be greatly appreciated that Uber driver no longer comes to our store. The next time she comes in like that I will be calling the police and having her Trespassed

User's recommendation: That she no longer has any picks up at this location she will be trespasser the next time she does come here.

Preferred solution: That driver is No longer Welcomed at this Location . .

Location: Los Angeles, California

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