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I work for a business that has clear tow-away signs, and one of your drivers... gray Nissan Sentra license plate number NZXQ33 proceeded to park in my lot anyway.

I went out and ask him nicely telling him he could not Park in my parking lot and if he can move his car. He told me no it would only be a couple minutes and I told him that he could be towed in trust pass for parking in a private lot even for 2 minutes. She proceeded with flipping me off and walking off leaving his car in my parking lot, coming back and flipping me off again while I was on the phone with police.

You guys have a lot of your drivers that Park in my parking lot that get rude when asked to move. There needs to be some kind of policy for customers to only Park in the location that they are visiting and not other parking lots because they are taking away parking spots for those businesses customers and honestly this guy is still driving for you after this and he shows up in my parking lot again he will be towed trespassed and have a record if he doesn't already for assault

Location: Seffner, Florida

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