Hello dear sir, I am fawad Khalil from Clermont-Ferrand (France ) I would like to say something that by mistake my account is blocked by Uber eats which is unjustice with me because I was not know the problem which occurred in Uber application every time Uber asked me take photo several times I take my photo but sometime without photo I was delevered delevery. Dear sir I have asked to apologize me I was asked to appeal and asked give me a chance my customer rating is also high which is 95% but unfortunately Uber eats blocked my account I have no other job just Uber eats so therefore my dear sir please help me and activated my account few days ago Uber was send me an email that we confirm your account is active and you can receive the delevries but today other email is sended me by Uber that its impossible to activate your account which is bee news for me I am depressed therefore my last hope is you my dear sir please help me I will be very thanksful of you for this kindness Thanks a lot

User's recommendation: Serve good customer service.

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