I was charged this order and sucked all my wallet balance and promotion code. I am coming from an original cancellation order from UMAMI Restaurant who first cancelled my order, apparently because a break into the restaurant and stolen some machines.

Therefore, I had to order the same order with another restaurant, Robo Sushi, but it didn't give the option to place the order at 8:30pm.

Thinking that option will be show after order, I realized the order went through, and I IMMEDIATELY CALLED THE RESTAURANT to explain the issue that I needed the order at 8:30pm. Restaurant told THEY CAN NOT CANCEL THE ORDER, so I should cancel.

But explain that anyway I need the order for 8:30pm. Now, I am stocked with no money, no order and NOTHING!!!

UBER CANCEL no money to me,

I canceled you took all the money.

This issue was NOT MY FAULT.

I NEED this situation to be resolved as soon as possible, I need my order at 8:30pm or my fully money back

Laurentino Uscanga

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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