Our order was canceled prior to arrival but the credit card was charged IMMEDIATELY and we could not get a credit or refund to order something else. I had maxed out that credit card and had only one shot to feed my kids.

Its funny but the information in the receipt is not available to me but the charge sure is.

You charged me $63.13 and I am not happy.

The only numbers available to me are on my bank account receipt and that is: XXX_XX28996CA

There was no help when customer service was called. No extra effort, nothing. I had used up all the credit on that card and was home with sick children and this was their dinner as well as mine. I am also sick.

Door dash has an immediate credit system when something like this happens.

I understand it can and does happen, but the fact that we had to order something else from someone else and live with the delay won't be forgotten.

Perhaps be a little like Door Dash. We used their services tonight instead.

Just lucky I had a credit card that could get charged.

The person on the phone was NOT helpful at all. If you don't have a system to remedy things like this, then why have operators at all?

I will likely shy away from using your services in the future.

User's recommendation: Be prepared for meals to NOT be delivered.

Location: Gilbert, Arizona

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