I placed an order for chicken on the Barbie with Outback Steak House in Palm Desert, CA

As I was finishing up my order I was charged for the meal and then the screen closed and said This store has closed and to place my order with another store or try again later. I tried to place the order again a few minutes later & got the same response (Store Closed) again.

I received a notice of charge for the amount of the meal plus tip.

But at the bottom it said a hold would be placed on this money for 24 hours and if restaurant did store didnt follow through with the charge my money the hold would be released. So I figured that is what was going to happen! I heard nothing at all for the rest of the night, no text from the driver that he was delivering my meal either. So I had some cheese and crackers for dinner and figured my order had been canceled.

The next morning around 9 AM I went to walk my dogs, opened my front door and there was the bag from Outback Steak House. I have three dogs and the slightest knock on the door or doorbell they go crazy and start barking very loud. I always know when somebody is at the front door This was at 4:30pm and no doorbell rang and the dogs never barked. I had no idea my meal was sitting out there all night long.

I had to throw it away! Not pleased.I paid $40 for a $19.99 meal plus tax, fees & a very good tip!

Monetary Loss: $41.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ubereats Pros: Deliver food, Food delivery.

Ubereats Cons: No customer service to talk with about problems.

Location: La Quinta, California

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