I ordered $50 worth of food from WingStop I said it would take 40 minutes to get here. It then the time kept going to 50 minutes and then an hour.

When I checked it said the driver had picked up another order at the 50 minute mark it kept saying that the order was 11 minutes away. After about 20 minutes of my order being 11 minutes away it was canceled. I didn't decided to order from McDonald's as a last resort. It's now 10:00 at night McDonald's is only 10 minutes from my house but I'm already in the bed.

It says it's going to be 25 minutes. 15 minutes later my order has been picked up says it'll be here in 7 minutes, 3 minutes later I get an update l that my order will be here in 10 minutes because there's a delivery before mine. After 8 minutes go by, what happens. You guessed, my order has been canceled.

So my kid and I are sitting here hungry at 11:00 at night. Eating air sandwiches and saliva juice. And the two Uber drivers that made their first delivery and got to keep the food from our orders for their dinner tonight because it was picked up.

That's the new dining dash *** And there's no way to put in a complaint because the order has been canceled, so there's nothing to follow up on. So if I could give it a zero or no stars I would

User's recommendation: Don't order Uber eats if you ask your hungry.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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