I placed an order and proceeded to watch the driver wait for over 30 minutes at the pick up location. It was then another 30 plus minutes before receiving an update from Uber Eats, not the driver that the other had been canceled.

I reached out to customer service and they were absolutely no help whatsoever. I was told that the driver received the wrong order and could not complete my delivery. I reached out to the restaurant where my order was placed to find out that the correct order was placed and picked up. I was not charged for the incomplete service, but was offered no other options or even a credit for waiting over an hour and a half for no food or communication.

I feel this is unacceptable considering that this was obviously a driver whom never completed 1 delivery looking for free food. The entire experience was a complete waste of my time and I have no interest in dealing with a company that shows no compassion for their customers

User's recommendation: Use Door Dash.

Location: Garner, North Carolina

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