We had an order of over $100 sent to Buffalo Wild Wings. The order was placed at 6:45 PM.

It was estimated to be delivered by 7:45 PM. At 7:45 PM, the order had not left the store. I received a message from the Ubereats driver stating that they still had not finished the food. So I patiently waited.

After another 40 minutes, I called the driver and he stated that he was walking up to my hotel door. After he left it at the door, he left. I brought the food in to make sure it was correct. Unfortunately, 3/4 of the order was missing and the rest was incorrect and extremely cold.

We spoke to Buffalo Wild Wings (Waikiki), and they stated that the order was correct when they left the store, so there was nothing they were able to do.

In order to get a refund, I would have to speak to Ubereats (who are impossible to get in touch with). As of right now, we have no way of receiving a refund on the food we did not receive.

User's recommendation: I do not recommend either companies we had dealt with.

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

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