I placed an order a guy named William was the delivery person it said he was on a bike my order kept being push back on numerous occasions at 1 point the tracker said he was only 2 minutes away but then 2 minutes ended up 20 to 30 minutes him just being in 1 spot 2 minutes away I've been called customer service I told her what was going on she told me I had to call back in 3 minutes because it was still within a time frame. I told her the individual was standing in the same spot for a very long time and my order kept being pushed back.

She then put me on hold and then told me I will get a refund I will have to wait 3 to 5 business days and if I wanted faster to contact my bank. I asked her if that was the best she could do It's not OK that my food got stolen. While on the phone with her William completed the order and showed a blurry picture of him riding on a bike. I told her about the picture she said she couldn't see it on her end.

I'm upset at the fact that I have to wait 3 to 5 business days for my money back Because your delivery driver is decided to take my food and get paid.

I couldn't even get a credit so I can try and place my order over again. Its very disappointing I was waiting all day did not eat worked long and hard was waiting for my food and was not pleased with the end result

Monetary Loss: $21.

Preferred solution: Delivery person that took my food his account need to be deactivated and my money should not Take that long to get back a wooden have took long if I canceled it the money wouldn't even have left my account.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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