I placed an order at McDonalds that was NOT delivered. I sent an email regarding this on 05.14.2021 and still have not received a response.

I had to re-order so I would like a credit on my account for the first order and tip.

The delivery person did not answer two calls that I made to him, leaving messages.

I NEVER had trouble with the Postmates help service!! Can you please switch me back to the original Postmates app?

Total $20.66

May 14, 2021

Thanks for ordering, Mickie

Here's your receipt for McDonald's (Glendle-Colorado).



Hamburger - Happy Meal

$4.18Choose your second sideMore $0.00MoreExtra Kids Fry $0.00Select ToySurprise Me $0.00Choose your drinkMilk $0.00Hamburger HM Comes WithNo Mustard $0.00Ketchup $0.00No Diced Onions $0.00No Pickle $0.00Meat $0.80Regular Bun $0.50Salt $0.00Hamburger HM AdditionsAmerican Cheese $0.20Kids Fry Comes WithSalt $0.00


Medium Strawberry Shake

$2.69Select OptionSmall Strawberry Shake -$0.50Small Strawberry Shake Comes WithWhipped Cream $0.30


Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe Meal

$9.89Select OptionQuarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe Meal Large $0.90Select DrinkLarge Coke $0.00Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe Comes WithMustard $0.00Ketchup $0.00Mayonnaise $0.00Shredded Lettuce $0.25Slivered Onions $0.10Pickle $0.00Roma Tomato - 3 Slices $0.40American Cheese $0.401/4 Lb Beef $1.30Salt $0.00Sesame Seed Bun $0.50Large French Fries Comes WithSalt $0.00



Service Fee$3.02

Delivery Fee$3.49

Delivery Discount-$3.49

Discount-$0.84 1989




A temporary hold of $20.66 was placed on your payment method 1989. This is not a charge and will be removed.

It should disappear from your bank statement shortly. Learn More

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You ordered from McDonald's (Glendle-Colorado)

Location: Glendale, California

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