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Uber Eats has been sending notifications that Ive placed an order and that its on the way. I havent opened the app in a week.

The orders are not from me.

When I try to reach out to customer service, no one has gotten back to me. This is a major issue and enough for me to want to never use their services again.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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There has been an issue with drivers picking up food and not delivering them. Yes they were attempting to call me however at the time I was with a patient but I also asked in the beginning as a clear statement when I placed my order to deliver the food to the ER entrance.

If that couldn't happen, they should have told me then upon placing the order. So, even though the driver picked up the food, was at the location, she drive off with my order because I couldn't pick up the phone fast enough and wouldn't issue a refund!

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