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I contacted Uber eats customer service they were able to resolve with a refund however I was a little disappointed because I had requested my brother-in-law try the company for his first time and he used the $25 coupon and since the order took almost 3 hours to get here and the food was soggy and cold I believe they should have allowed him to use the coupon again but they wouldn't because they said it was already his first order I believe customer service should have looked at that considering the first order was garbage they should have reset everything in allowed him to order again just my opinion

Preferred solution: They should have allowed him to use a coupon again considering he was a new customer.

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I love how you tried to pad your complaint with the fact it was mother's day. A sure sign of a loser.

A clueless one at that.

I'm guessing you think you and your brother were the ONLY people ordering today. What a loser...

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