I placed an order through Uber eats for six people at Sonny's barbecue. I placed it early in the morning with a delivery time between 645 and 7:15 PM for this family who lost their father and was exhausted and looking forward to a wonderful dinner.

At 7:15 I get a call from my girlfriend asking if I heard from Uber eats because the food was never delivered. I Log online and the order was canceled and not by me. I called Sonny's barbecue and they said the driver canceled the order without notifying me .

I called Uber eats in and was on hold for 20 minutes until somebody from the Philippines answered and had no sympathy and no reason for why my order was canceled she did not try and assist just said I should try and order it another time. I asked for a manager and she refused to give me one.

I even sent an email to UberEATS just saying my money was refunded.

No apology no trying to make it right. I will never use them again and I have asked for the driver to be reprimanded for what they did.

Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida

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