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I work at Papa Johns and we had a customer who ordered from Uber Eats. The order had been there since 6:25 and at 7:43 I called Uber Eats customer support to ask about the order.

Firstly, I couldnt understand most of what they were saying. Secondly, I was rerouted multiple times and had to explain the problem over and over. Then I was told Well have a driver there in 15 minutes. They never showed up even after that.

The customer finally called our store to cancel and we literally couldnt do anything about the pizza that had sat there for hours. It felt extremely unprofessional and frustrating as I was just trying to do my job and was going out of my way to try and get this customer their order. This wasnt even the first time it happened. Weve had so many issues with orders sitting for hours because Uber Eats drivers keep cancelling or it gets rerouted etc.

etc. Its awful dealing with them. They even called us asking us to re-ring an order for them because they *** up.

I understand those folk are just trying to do their job but how can you be so unprofessional and unorganized?? And then rely on us to fix it for you???

User's recommendation: Don’t Uber Eats for a place that already delivers anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ubereats Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ubereats Pros: Convenience.

Ubereats Cons: Never delivered food, Trash service.

Location: Clarksville, Tennessee

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