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I have a $25 promotion in my app and I'm Allowed to order with promotion, but when I attempt to pay, the app States that I'm ineligible to use the promo and to unselected it, and gives no reason why. I tried through the help section of the app, and reached no help.

Also I went through Google to get the help line phone number which you cannot get through the Uber app, and when i call I only get a error message that states the phone help line does not work and to try getting help through the help section of the app. I had Uber almost two years ago and I got rid of it, recently I got it back again and now I remember why I got rid of it in the past. Still the same stuff is happening. Same as two weeks ago.

I had issues that took almost two weeks to find relief for. And that was still not resolving the issue.

They just credited around $50 to order food. Idk why, but for such a huge company, it should be way better, maybe it's just a lack of over site.

User's recommendation: Go to door dash or something else instead.

Location: New York, New York

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