My message to Ubereats:

I have been an Uber customer for some time now. Today, June 9th, I ordered food delivered through Ubereats from Great Harvest Restaurant in Chico, California.

The Ubereats app said that for that restaurant, the delivery charge, which would usually be $2.99, would be reduced to zero -- free delivery -- if I ordered within a specified number of minutes. I did order well within that window of time. However, my card was charged $6.99 for delivery! This was wrong.

I looked everything over carefully, so this is not mere confusion, or a mistake, on my part. Unless I can resolve this issue promptly, I cannot trust the Ubereats app and I will have to stop using it, and write about my experience to warn others. I want to know that the problem which led to this false advertising has been fixed, for good.

Please respond promptly to this e-mail with a substantive explanation.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this.

Update: Ubereats refused to do anything to resolve this. I will not use Ubereats again

User's recommendation: AVOID UBEREATS ENTIRELY. Read the reviews .

Location: Avondale, Arizona

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