Your credit card you use to order food was declined. My credit card I used to order my food was perfectly fine for your company to use but you use my credit card to pay for you and use your credit card to pay for the restaurant.

It took two and half hours for my food to arrive due to the issue that no one told me and I was charged twice. When I called the women at your company was so rude and hung up on me bc she didnt want to deal with the issue. I had to call back and contact you while I cant get a person that speaks good English. Its very difficult to speak to someone who you dont understand and this is not to be rude.

Overall I would never use your company again. There is still a charge on my account. Your company does not communicate and is disrespectful. I am completely surprised how this was all handled.

All in all the restaurant I used said they had multiple problems with your company and will not allow your company to do business with them too. And that speaks for itself.

User's recommendation: No!!!

Location: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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