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I placed a $41. Order and it showed up missing

1) 8 oz side of pico

2) 8 oz side of salsa roja

3) 3 ounce since of salsa ranch

4) 3 ounce side of salsa de fuego

So we have all this Mexican food but they left out all of the condiments and sauce that was very clearly on the ticket and paid for

So I didnt want the food to be wasted and I immediately placed another order for the missing sides.

But obviously it wouldnt let me place such a small order for sides of sauce only. SO I had to order bigger sizes of each just to hit the minimum amount for them to bring me the order.

So the cost of the second order I placed for the missing items on the first order totaled $14.5 and when I reached out to Uber they continued to pass me around in circles (at least 10 different reps) only to tell me that theyre only going to cover $5 of the second order.

I absolutely should not have had to place a second order at all. Nor should I have had to pay for this restaurants mistake. I shouldnt have had to go around in circles over such a tiny amount when I literally order Uber every single day and NEVER do I ever report problems or try to get refunds.

I counted 107 orders on my account and from those I believe this is only the 2nd complaint Ive ever submitted. Normally when I have problems or missing items I just deal with it and get over it. I also ALWAYS tip the drivers well. So its not like Im just a crap customer trying to get something for free and this should have been very apparent.

Customer service should have pulled up these two orders, identified the problem, and then IMMEDIATELY refund me for the second order. Instead of trying to just give me $5 bucks credit.

I did finally get credited for the second order but after all of this I will never be using Uber eats again and will be switching to a competitor.

As a customer I expect when a problem comes up that it will be handled quickly, and FAIR. This was absolutely not fair, or right. And I searched and searched for a human to talk to and sat on the phone for almost an hour with zero answer.

So if I cannot even get ahold of someone to help me with a problem like this, I simply refuse to give these people anymore of my money.

It was not about the money as much as the point that this isnt right.

I simply wanted the thing I ordered. And if it were just me I probably would have just ate the food without the sauce and pico BUT the kids wanted the sauce so.

User's recommendation: Anyone but Uber.

Location: Irving, Texas

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