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I am very disappointed with not only the use of the UberEats Site but with customer service. My order was very large so I preferred to not use the app and place the order from my phone.

My frustration is that and the fact that I can't use the website in conjunction with my app information...I got several excuses from Mario 9help desk tech) as to why I couldn't place an order...from the wrong card information (which I changed) an expired card (which I updated) and still could not place the order....needless to say after hours of trying to place an order I had to place it over the phone and get someone from my office to take me to the location to pick it up!

I missed an entire meeting that I was required to attend.....NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR UBEREATS and for me as the EA for the TEAM. I am very disappointed and yes....."pissed" (a word I don't normally use)

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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