So I order my food around 8:50 , it been 3 hours so I decided to check where the Uber person was , it looked like she was walking the wrong way so I decided to call her and tell her she was heading the wrong way. I was nice enough to tell her that I would meet her outside next to the bus stop since she didnt know where she was going anyways.

She called me asking me for Directions when she has a whole map in front of her. She called me about 5 times. I kept telling her just walk straight, I actually said I would meet her half way which Im not even supposed to be outside because the whole point of Uber eats is to bring it to my door step. Then she called again and she was with her friend , her friend said ask her how many more blocks I said forget it cancel my order I am tired of waiting its 11 at night and Im outside I order my food around 8 something.

Then she finally reached my destination she left my food outside , when I got my food it looks like it was open and my chicken sandwich was also missing. This is Disgusting I had to threw my whole order away because I dont trust with what ever they did with my food , I couldnt even call customer service to get my money back or report her because its late and now I dont got nothing to eat.

Location: The Bronx, New York

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