I always got too many promo emails so that I never could see my teal emails. I unsubscribed to Uber ears emails except receipts.

I click on account in Uber eats and promotions to see I have two available promotions but to find no promo code and no link. I left 60 dollar order in my cart amd had used your app once to twice a week prior with total spending $150.00 to $500.00 month over that past year.

If you want to keep customers and incentivize them with promos make it easy. I no longer get your emails as of last few months and therefore the app is only way to get a promo.

It showed I had two promo but impassive per Uber eats support without getting a code via email.

I will never use Uber eats again mad have switched over to Grubhub exclusively and only to find the cost was $7.0 cheaper as well even after tipping the driver.

Fix your *** or lose more customers. Companies need to learn your customer chooses to do business with you mad freak rewarded when you make it easy to use a promo. If not you *** me off and never use you again and there you go at least $400.00 month customer lost. Multiply that time 1,000s amd you start losing market share. Good luck and I give you the reward of being host as bad as bed bath and beyond.

Worst marketing promo campaigns that *** loyal customers off to leaving your brand forever

Was a customer, Joseph

Location: San Diego, California

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